What is edcoin all about

What is edcoin all about

Edcoin is a deflationary erc 20 governance token issued by the edmark group on the ethereum network. Edcoin is edmark groups community and ecosystem token which is the major token powering all the products of edmark international and specifically the edmark city development.

Edcoin is a community governance token built on the ethereum blockchain and provides visible utility and real-time use cases for the entire edmark multi-product and real-estate development ecosystem. It is a defi platform focusing on staking, lending, and governance.

Edcoin aims to give financial control back to the people to store and grow wealth with zero interference from traditional financial systems. Edcoin token holders, among other things, will have access to the entire edmark health & wellness product ecosystem including the edmark city real estate development projects starting with the first phase located at lekki, lagos, nigeria.

Edcoin is an erc-20 community governance token that provides visible utility and real-time use cases for the entire edmark multi-product & real-estate ecosystem.

The edcoin project is a utility-based cryptocurrency with the main purpose of profiting all of the edmark distributors across the world.

Edcoin is a community governance token built on the ethereum blockchain and provides visible utility and real-time use cases for the entire edmark multi-product and real-estate development ecosystem.

  edcoin is the native currency of the system, which can be used on the platform, app or be kept in the ed wallet. Find out what is edcoin, follow the latest edcoin news, track ed price and check historical charts, as well us explore similar tokens and coins with blockchain today.

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What is edcoin all about

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