Vegan whole turkey vegetarian plus

Vegan whole turkey vegetarian plus

Vegetarian pluss vegan turkey easily heats and serves in just one hour. Once heated, the turkey is firm, moist, and slices wonderfully. To round out the meal, the package included vegan gravy and a side of vegan stuffing.

  it features a six-pound whole vegan turkey thats actually shaped like a turkey, and it comes served with herbed stuffing and mushroom gravy.

Vegan whole turkey by vegetarian plus cold pack recommended this product is perishable and will ship with a cold pack to preserve freshness.

A longtime holiday favorite, our vegan whole turkey heats and serves in one hour. This vegan turkey is a healthy source of soybean protein, perfectly balanced with a hint of sea salt and pairs well with stuffing.

This year change it up with a vegan whole turkey by vegetarian plus. This is a 4-6lb whole turkey that will give your vegan table a norman rockwell worthy centerpiece.

Vegetarian plus - vegan vegan whole turkey - with gravy and stuffing a plant based, vegan vegetarian, turkey to feed the whole family! Turkey shaped with a cavity to hold the stuffing.

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Vegan whole turkey vegetarian plus

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