Starbucks weight watchers points

Starbucks weight watchers points

And with myww, everything on the starbucks menu can fit into your weight-loss plan. That said, some of starbucks offerings will make a bigger dent in your smartpoints budget than others.

A starbucks 1 cookie chocolate chip cookie contains 17 weight watchers freestyle points, 17 ww smartpoints and 10 ww pointsplus.

  these starbucks offerings are from the entire starbucks menu. Including the point value for a coffee drink, sweet treat, tasty lunch and more. If youre always on the go and need more ideas on what to eat at a variety of restaurants check out our ultimate weight watchers restaurant guide freestyle with points list.

  heres the scoop on the weight watchers points for starbucks purple, blue and green plans! Assume all drinks are a tall size unless stated otherwise frappe frappuccino whip whipped cream purple plan points.

  weight watchers starbucks drink guide 5 points or less 0 points.

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Starbucks weight watchers points

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