Scotiabank self directed tfsa

Scotiabank self directed tfsa

Contributions to a tfsa are not tax deductible, however any investment income earned within the tfsa is tax free. But what makes tfsas truly different from other registered accounts, such as rrsps, is that you have complete freedom in how you use your money at any time.

Our powerful online trading platform is easy to use, plus youll gain access to in-depth analysis, research, tips, and much more.

With a self-directed plan, you can hold any qualifying investment you want. Youre not limited to one type of asset, such as gics, or to the products of just one institution. You manage your own investments and can take on as much risk, or as little, as you want.

Tfsas are a flexible and effective way to save for anything you want.

  a scotiabank tfsa is an easy way to take advantage of tax-free savings while investing with a trustworthy big bank. Youll get a variety of options, including gics (4 different types, in fact), mutual funds, portfolios, and cash savings accounts. You can also invest in stocks and bonds in your self-directed tfsa through scotia itrade.

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Scotiabank self directed tfsa

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