Natwest charges for using card abroad

Natwest charges for using card abroad

The amounts you will be charged for using your debit card when you are travelling abroad are set out in our using your debit & credit cards abroad page (opens in a new window). They can be found under the heading paying in sterling abroad.

With the natwest credit card, you wont pay foreign transaction fees when you make purchases abroad.

Charges apply for using your debit card abroad and for certain transactions in the uk. If you intend to use your personal debit card abroad it is advisable to let us know. Registering your travel plans with us can reduce the likelihood of your debit card transactions being blocked. Let us know youll be using your debit or credit card abroad.

It should also be noted that a small percentage fee called a foreign transaction fee is charged on some of our credit cards. To help understand how much it cost to use your card abroad, you can use our card currency calculator. You can also find out more about spending when you are abroad including using your debit card.

We do have 2 credit cards where the foreign transaction fee isnt charged. These are the natwest credit card and reward black credit card. If you use your credit card abroad a lot then you might want to consider looking at one of these credit cards.

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Natwest charges for using card abroad

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