Mt4 save color scheme

Mt4 save color scheme

I have many saved with specific indicators to load on different currency pairs for different strategies. But i was wondering if the actual color scheme can be saved and loaded without affecting the indicators already on the chart.

It is important to remember that colors are a part of mt4 templates. You can change the default color scheme that is applied when you open a new chart in mt4. To change default colors for chart and candles in mt4 right-click the chart and select properties. In the colors tab, set your preferred colors for chart background and foreground.

The mt4 default color scheme is the color configuration of candles and charts that comes with your metatrader client. For example if you followed the article how to install metatrader 4 client terminal. Mt4 templates pack color themes from trading platforms prop desks stock exchanges and more.

  sure, you get the chart how you want it then save that as a template. You can put that template on any chart by applying the template.

  you can select a color scheme to be enabled by default when running the terminal orchid blue (light).

You can change background, foreground, grid, candle colours etc. With 132 standard colours & all the custom colours in between, you can design your own. Save these as blank templates before you add any indicators and then you can always refer back to them when designing your own system.

In my opinion the default mt4 color schemes are very ugly (especially the yellow on black version) and they are not very fun to work with. The hard contrast is very tiring for my eyes and its hard to look at them for an extended period of time.

Open the charts you want and apply the template on them (watch the above video). When you are done, tile the price charts, refer to the file menu at the top, click on profile and click on save as.

  how to setup a clean mt4 chart and save a template - metatrader 4 tutorial.

  the expert advisor will help you forward all alert from metatrader 4 to telegram channel group. All alert must save to folder data foldermql4filesalerts , text file with format.

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Mt4 save color scheme

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Mt4 save color scheme

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