Mayweather mcgregor money line

Mayweather mcgregor money line

  mayweather is a -500 favorite, per bookmaker william hill, meaning a 500 bet if successful would win only 100. The bookmaker reported a wager from nevada on wednesday for 300,000 on mayweather.

Moneyline -450 (bet 450 to win 100) for mayweather, 325 (bet 100 to win 325) for mcgregor.

  william hill took a 150,000 bet on mcgregor at 480, a wager that will pay a cool 720,000 if mcgregor hands mayweather his first loss.

If mayweather decides to employ his usual game plan, there is seemingly little that can stop him from going the distance and winning decisively on the scorecards.

  nevada state athletic commission confirmed on friday night that the minimum each fighter will earn is 100million for floyd mayweather and 30million for conor mcgregor.

  if it makes money, it makes sense or so the saying goes. And if there is one thing both mayweather and mcgregor are known for, its making money in the fight game. So when the two began exchanging barbs through social media and interviews, it created more than a minor stir in the fight world it allowed fans to wildly speculate.

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Mayweather mcgregor money line

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