Mass effect 3 canon ending

Mass effect 3 canon ending

  most of the four endings in mass effect 3 the player could choose show the reapers being defeated and the main character, commander shepard, dying. However, the reveal trailer for this yet-untitled mass effect sequel depicts a major supporting character, liara, uncovering shepards trademark n7 armor, hinting at the heros possible survival.

  mass effect 3 extended cut ending is part of the canon in legendary edition trilogy collection will also feature tuning changes to boss fights, additional discrete autosaves.

  the mass effect 3 extended cut ending is now the default, canon ending in the legendary edition trilogy remaster.

  while there is no decided canon ending, as knightenchanter states, there is a canon playthrough of mass effect. One that can be determined by starting me3 with a default shepard as itll decide on the choices done in me (1) and me2. A notable example is no dlcs (lotsb may be, depending on if me3 dlcs are canon) is canon.

When mass effect legendary edition launches in may, it will include all of the content from the original mass effect trilogy and its dlc -- including, bioware confirmed, the extended cuts additional fourth ending. Speaking to ign, project director mac walters said the decision stemmed from a desire to include as much.

  man you really just want to fight about everything, while insulting people. Feel free to say what you want but dont expect me to respond anymore.

To my knowledge bioware hasnt officially confirmed which is canon so anything else is speculation, regardless of what anyone sees in the trailer.

Find the save file you want to edit and double click on it to load it into the program. (the mass effect 3 save file location is in the my documents folder under the biowaremass effect 3save directory. Scroll all the way down and you will see a line that says player.).

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Mass effect 3 canon ending

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