Mafia 3 who to assign districts to

Mafia 3 who to assign districts to

  from our experience so far, the following is the best way of assigning districts to your mafia 3 underbosses vito scaletta frisco fields, downtown, and river row cassandra southdowns, barclay.

Hey guys, so i have assigned these districts so far vito southdowns, river row and downtown.

  assigning districts in mafia 3 will let them start generating revenue. It will also push the story forward, getting you closer to taking down the marcano family. You can assign each district to one of your three underbosses vito, burke or cassandra.

  you can assign the district to any of your three associates, but keep in mind that you need to try to keep them all happy. If you give all the good districts to just one underboss, the other might become pretty upset with you. You should also keep in mind who controls rackets within the district.

Any assigned rackets will be automatically assigned to the boss who you will assign the district to.

Just finished mafia iii and damn what an amazing game! The story and everything is just genious! I just wanted to check with you all which districts you all gave to who? These were my choices cassandra - delray hollow, barclay mills & southdowns.

For instance, with one of the districts, burke will offer you the silenced deacon. 22, vito will offer you the silenced masterson, and cassandra will offer you the silenced m1n8. You get a silenced weapon no matter who you decide to give the district to. If you choose to give that district to vito, youll get the silenced masterson as a free weapon.

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Mafia 3 who to assign districts to

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