Level 2 quotes thinkorswim

Level 2 quotes thinkorswim

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Thinkorswim is an investment platform offered by the online brokerage td ameritrade. Like other leading platforms, thinkorswim makes real-time level 2 (or level ii) quotes available to help savvy investors make smarter choices based on price action which in turn may signal where stocks are headed next.

If you use thinkorswim at td ameritrade to buy and sell securities, you should be aware of the many tools available to you to help make your investment journey a little easier and more accurate.

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  how to set up thinkorswim how to get level 2 quotes for free! If playback doesnt begin shortly, try restarting your device. Videos you watch may be added to the tvs watch history and influence.

  this video is about how to get real- time nasdaq level 2 quotesdepth on the td ameritrade tos thinkorswim app.

Level ii is a thinkorswim gadget that displays best ask and bid prices for each of the exchanges making markets in stocks, options, and futures. It is essentially a real-time ordered list of best bids and asks of an underlying that allows instant order placement.

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Level 2 quotes thinkorswim

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