Level 2 on etrade

Level 2 on etrade

Etrade level ii quotes cost day traders and other frequent traders need more than level i quotes on nasdaq securities. Thats why the exchange offers level ii quotes, which provide more information than just the bid-ask spread on a stock. Level ii data also shows who the market makers are on a particular security and what size the orders are.

  how to use level 2 while trading stocks - tutorial on level 2 using etrade pro with stock cdoi - youtube.

  how to use etrade pro layouts, charts, level 2, orders, and indicators - youtube. How to use etrade pro layouts, charts, level 2, orders, and indicators.

Level 1 is what you see online and what youd start off getting from your broker. Level 2 shows actual orders being placed so it is a much more granular level of detail.

  what is level 2 trading data? Level 2 trading data is the level 2 quote stream. Depending on your trading platform, you may only have level 1 trading data. On etrade pro, level 2 trading data is included free if you make 30 trades (1 trade buy, and 1 trade sell) or 15 round trades per quarter.

I read that etrade offers free level 2 market depth data if you have a qualifying account, but i dont see it under my subscription options.

Level 2 level 3 level 4 objective capital preservation or income.

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Level 2 on etrade

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