Is star wars battlefront 2 cross platform

Is star wars battlefront 2 cross platform

  is star wars battlefront 2 crossplay cross platform? Pc xbox ps4 ps5 - youtube. Portfolio porch lower in calories higher in happiness 06 16x9 web.

  unfortunately, we dont have any plans for bringing the cross-platform play to star wars battlefront ii. Cross-play support wasnt a feature of any of star wars battlefront iis post-launch updates. For now, at least, youre stuck playing with and against others who own the game on your platform of choice.

  star wars battlefront 2 multiplayer modes star wars battlefront 2 has no crossplay, but that doesnt mean the games multiplayer can be boring. Star wars battlefront 2 has many interesting multiplayer modes the players can play online.

  in short, no, there is no crossplay in battlefront 2, which means you will only be able to play with or against other ps4 players if youve just downloaded it with playstation plus.

Unfortunately, we dont have any plans for bringing the cross-platform play to star wars battlefront ii.

  according to an online forum on electronic arts website, the company was asked by a user in 2019 regarding a cross-platform gameplay for the battlefront 2.

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Is star wars battlefront 2 cross platform

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