Intel burn test vs prime95

Intel burn test vs prime95

  intelburntest pushes temperatures around 83 degrees doing 20 runs of a high stress test, and after an hour, prime95 gets temps around 67 degrees on the blend test.

Alright, im at the point where intel burn test runs successfully for 15 runs on high for stress level. While ibt passes just fine, prime95 on blend always has at least one core that fails with a hardware problem.

  intelburntest vs prime95 advanced benchmarking utility based on linpack that tests the potential and power of cpus by intel and amd. Free download provided for 32-bit and 64-bit versions of windows.

Running intelburntest gives me a stable test result but running prime95 gives be a fatal rounding error my.

  2) occt - one hour test, sometimes finds errors linpack didnt. 3) prime95 - 24 hours on this to test everything once ive use linpack and occt to figure out what my final target overclock will be. 4) memtest - sometimes will do a couple loops of memtest to make sure there are no memory errors that the other tools missed.

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Intel burn test vs prime95

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Intel burn test vs prime95

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