How to get trade coins in asphalt 9

How to get trade coins in asphalt 9

  this is how to get 4000 trade coins trade tokens in 1 week without selling cards or buying packs.

  trade coin is one of the in-game currencies featured in asphalt 9 legends that can be used in the shop - legend store to acquire or purchase premium cards of premium cars. You get blueprints or cars cards by completing the stages in my career or as a reward upon completing the missions.

They can be earned by opening any pack and getting vehicle blueprints to a vehicle you already maxed in stars. Trade coins are only used in the legend store and is used as another method to make in-game purchases without spending real.

Got all the max number of blueprints for that car, then any more blueprints you earn for that car will be converted into trade coins, since your car doesnt need those anymore.

How to get trade coins fast in asphalt 9! Without selling cards or buying packs tips and tricks.

  you can sell blueprints and import parts from your inventory and receive traidpoints. If your car has already reached maximum rank, blueprints you receive will automatically become traidpoints. In the legend store always 2 items for traidpoints are purchasable.

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How to get trade coins in asphalt 9

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