Hajime no ippo mashiba vs kimura

Hajime no ippo mashiba vs kimura

An ova featuring the fight between the champion mashiba and the challenger kimura.

60 minuets age rating 12 (violence, blood, mild profanity) genres sports (boxing) story - 710 - good the story is really nothing to write home about, it really just serves as a device to get to the fighting scenes. The movie is about 40 plot, and 60 action, so it will not fail to disappoint.

For many years now, ippos sempai kimura has struggled to reach the top of the lightweight division, but the title has always eluded him. Now, finally, an opportunity comes that he might never get again a chance for one more fight, the winner coming away with the championship belt.

But now he must face the intense champion, mashiba for the junior lightweight championship.

Kimura full english subbed at crunchyroll tatsuya kimura is beginning to feel left behind. With his friends ippo makunouchi and mamoru takamura holding the championship belt in their respective weight classes, kimuras inability.

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Hajime no ippo mashiba vs kimura

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Hajime no ippo mashiba vs kimura

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