Geoff todd cqb

Geoff todd cqb

The only instructor-qualified descendent of baldock, nelson, and applegate.

  new zealands geoff todd has a background in cqb (close quarters battle) dating back to the evolutionary pioneers of elite forces cqb. Better known in elite forces circles as tank todd, geoff was a student of the late harry baldock, an army physical training and unarmed combat instructor of the second world war and a new zealand leader in the field of physical culture, wrestling and.

Geoff tank todd special operations cqb master chief instructor. The todd group have been instructing military close quarters combat and self-defence since 1927.

Geoff tank todd military special operations cqb master chief instructor. Contact details po box 5579 moray place dunedin 9058 new zealand.

Much has been written and said about the military cqb practiced and promoted by geoff todd, but what of the man behind it all. I could say all the usual things but what weight would they carry just on their own with nothing to support them? I would like to illustrate what the man behind the practice is really like.

Much has been written and said about the military cqb practiced and promoted by geoff todd, but what of the man behind it all. I could say all the usual things but what weight would they carry just on their own with nothing to support them? I would like to illustrate what the man behind the practice is really like.

  this is where geoff todds training history varies considerably to most if not all other instructors today. He trained annually seven days a week for between two and four weeks every year at the charles nelson school self-defense in new york for over 10 years.

  the todd groups military self defence and military armed and unarmed.

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  cqbcqc master instructor kowley cowboy mitchell , centre, after presentation of his master instructor certification and international close combat instructors association membership certificate. To his left, fellow todd group cqbcqc master instructor howard bell, and to his right todd group master-chief instructor tank todd.

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Geoff todd cqb

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