Dragon age inquisition university of orlais

Dragon age inquisition university of orlais

  for the learning institution of the same name, see university of orlais. The university of orlais is a war table operation in dragon age inquisition.

The university of orlais is an inner circle mission in dragon age 3 inquisition. Requirements complete war table the chantry remains and main quest hushed whispers or champions of the just.

War table missions orlais the university of orlais (mission) prerequisites complete the chantry remains with a successful outcome and either in hushed whispers or champions of the just.

I feel as though it may have further prominence in dragon age inquistion. It just seems something that will be prominently a cultural significance which will hold importance. Lazare326 ( talk) 1127, april 13, 2014 (utc) retrieved from httpsdragonage.

I mean all 3 seem to be equally terrible people, so i dont feel bad about killing any of them.

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Dragon age inquisition university of orlais

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