Cosmo belfast airport

Cosmo belfast airport

  belfast cosmo provides both business and leisure passengers an excellent parking service at belfast airport.

Belfast cosmo provides both business and leisure passengers an excellent parking service at belfast airport.

Belfast cosmo parking 181 airport road belfast international airport bt29 4dw. Directions from the east take the a57 west towards the airport. At the killead roundabout head straight over and continue towards the airport.

There are no credit card or debit card fees when you book airport parking through this site. With free cancellation offered on flexible bookings you wont be charged if your plans change. When you choose cosmo for belfast international parking service, you wont have to worry about finding a.

Belfast cosmo parking is excellently priced airport parking for all lengths of stay. A full valeting service, value petrol and oils are available to customers at an additional charge. Belfast cosmo airport parking is only a 2 minute transfer to the belfast airport terminal.

Belfast cosmo provides both business and leisure passengers an excellent parking service at belfast airport. Parking includes off-airport parking where your car will be parked securely by an attendant after checking in, and a transfer bus is then provided to take you a short 2 minute journey to the terminal.

Directions to belfast cosmo parking drive past the airport entrance. Cosmo is located 150 metres further along on the right-hand side. From antrim and the north cosmo is situated on the left-hand side opposite the airport exit.

Youll find us in the victoria square shopping centre, just minutes from belfast waterfront and belfast central station. Step into our gourmet world tour city centre restaurant and indulge in everything from pizza and curry to sushi and antipasti on our all you can eat buffet menu.

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Cosmo belfast airport

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