Al rajhi bank rate saudi riyal to pakistani rupees

Al rajhi bank rate saudi riyal to pakistani rupees

  find the latest 1 al rajhi bank exchange rate saudi riyal to pakistan rupees today (may 9, 2021). Al rajhi bank exchange rate saudi riyal to pakistani rupees today (sarpkr) sar to pkr today (may 9, 2021) one saudi riyal is worth pakistan rupee today, 50 sar riyal buys pakistani rupees at inter-bank exchange rates.

  please notify the bank immediately for any unauthorised transaction via the following.

  q what is the saudi riyal worth against the pakistani rupee? A one saudi riyal is worth 40.

  this fake site and emails have absolutely no affiliation with al rajhi bank whatsoever and have been created with malevolent and impure intentions. Tel 966 11 2116000, national address al rajhi banking & investment corp. 8467 king fahd road - al muruj dist, unit no (1) riyadh 12263 2743, web al rajhi banking & investment corp.

Following are currency exchange calculator and the details of exchange rates between saudi arabian riyal (sar) and pakistani rupee (pkr). Enter the amount of money to be converted from saudi arabian riyal ( sar) to pakistani rupee ( pkr ), it is converted as you type.

No 1010000096, p o box 1 kingdom of saudi arabia. Tel 966 11 2116000, national address al rajhi banking & investment corp. 8467 king fahd road - al muruj dist, unit no (1) riyadh 12263 2743, web www.

Comv9er9ftopicsriyal to pkr riyal to inr today riyal rate.

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Al rajhi bank rate saudi riyal to pakistani rupees

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Al rajhi bank rate saudi riyal to pakistani rupees

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