Ah fox collectors association

Ah fox collectors association

Our fox collectors forum is home to a comprehensive list of discussion topics, and many common and frequently asked questions can be answered there.

  please note that registering for the fox collectors forum does not mean you are a member of the ah fox collectors association. Paying members of the ah fox collectors association have access to a private forum where fox guns are bought and sold, newsletters are archived, and many more interesting topics about fox guns are discussed by knowledgeable collectors.

In the meantime, we invite you to browse our site to view pictures of rare fox guns, all of the various styles, engravings, mechanisms and much more.

) this fox grade is a gun that the discriminating sportsman will appreciate as to price and workmanship. It is not a cheap gun, but a more than good gun at a reasonable figure, and can be built to your own specifications without extra charge.

I have a collection of them since i always remove them permanently, preferring a manual safety. One is headless, one has a very slight head and one has a head like a nail.

Please note that registering for the fox collectors forum does not mean you are a member of the ah fox collectors association. Paying members of the ah fox collectors association have access to a private forum where fox guns are bought and sold, newsletters are archived, and many more interesting topics about fox guns are discussed by knowledgeable collectors.

Fox mechanisms identification barrel stamps serial and grade stamp locations styles catalogs a. Fox advertisements fox catalog covers directory fox factory photos circa 1913 pre fox history links membership information fox collectors forum parker gun collectors association the l.

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Ah fox collectors association

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