3ds xl screen repair cost

3ds xl screen repair cost

  nintendo 3ds family repair nintendo product recycling community & parents. Community & parents info for parents parental controls online safety principles community guidelines documents policies. Nintendo documents & policies health & safety precautions manual wireless regulatory info terms of use product manuals privacy.

Also you could call nintendo to get a repair quote or whatever. I think the above guys may void your warranty but it may be significantly cheaper.

Nintendo 3ds xl repair (2012-2014 model) nintendo 2ds repair.

Someone who wasnt paying attention and texting on their expletives walked into me on an iced patch causing me to fall and, in the process, smashing the screen of my special edition 3ds xl.

This includes adjustments and calibration to utilize the original 3d functions with the system. 95 bottom screen repair includes dissasembly and removal of damaged screen and may also include touch screen repair or troubleshooting. Will include new factory replacement lcd and also adjustments and calibration for default factory standards.

While repair costs are dependent on the type and extent of damage to your nintendo 3ds, our repairs are always affordable and backed by a fantastic warranty program.

When comparing the nintendo 3ds xl to a nintendo 3ds you will find that main difference is that the nintendo 3ds xl has a larger upper and lower screen size by over 1. On the nintendo 3ds xl the headphone jack is found underneath the d-pad unlike the nintendo 3ds where the headphone jack is found in the middle of the device.

Dropped your ds and smashed the screen? Dont panic - cexclinic can repair your nintendo device with our fast and easy to use repair service. In just 7 days we will have it back to you, like new, so youre ready to game again. And if we cant fix it, we wont charge you, under our no fix, no charge guarantee.

Bottom lcd screen replacement no backlight, cracked lcd screen, blank screen, looks like there is liquid or black ink in the screen 3ds power light turns on but both screen appear blankblack the bottom screen has two components, the inner lcd screen and the outer touch screen touch screen replacement cracked touch screen non-responsive touch screen cannot be calibrated heavily scratched the bottom screen has two components, the inner lcd screen and the outer touch screen.

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3ds xl screen repair cost

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3ds xl screen repair cost

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